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Just waiting for confermation on times and dates for these workshops at www.radfordmillfarm.com

There are 3 workshops over the weekend. Each one will be practical and hands on:

1) Practical intro to video activism - Using the Tool in Your Pocket http://streetreporter.org (2-3 hours +)
We will teach you how to plug an external mic into your smart phone and record “edited” fast turn around journalistic news reports.
You will have the opportunity to do a report on the gathering and distribute it there and then.
There will then be a second workshop to next day to improve your skill levels and introduce you to the wider alt-media networks.
2) Portable Solar Power - Small to medium solar power with technology you can carry with you in order to power an entire protest camp from the sun
This is a simple hands on for demonstrating how to build easy/practical power set-ups for both personal use and also for a “solar shed” suitable for a whole protest camp. If you have any solar gadgets, please bring them along.
3) Advanced Video Activism and Social Media-  How to Get Your Voice Heard. (1 hour + on the second day)
This is a follow up to expand the skills you learned on the first workshop and introduce you to the wider video activist community.
Finally, do you have anyone coming by car or van from London who could help with transport? If so, we could bring more kit to/use demo.
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