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Workshops at Daneshill

#daneshill #fracking Alt-power at protest camps, we have a hour long intro in front of the main gate on solar power then Q&A. Followed by a practical workshop on setting up solar LED lighting in the kitchen.

First stop on the fracking protection camp tour



Tour of anti-fracking sites over the spring


The activisttech group are just outlining a tour of anti-fracking sites over the spring. This has the over-arching strategy of building up the level of alt-tech solutions in the activist community.

* see what the sites need in the way of technology and people to be working with sustainable energy.

* set up exemplar working tech tents with solar and wind power. If feasible we will initially use what equipment there is on site, supplemented with our equipment to get sites up and running as soon as practical. The objective is to then remove our equipment and replace it with locally sources of equipment as soon as possible so we can move on and reproduce this at each site.

* the same with people with skills. Our mission is to network and up-skill the people at the camps so that we free up our limited crew to move onto the next site, rinse and repeat.

* we will use the activisttech.org site to network and skill share amongst this burgeoning network.

The outcome will be protest sites with good basic infrastructure and improved internal process. They can then be exemplary of real alternatives.

1) ASAP: scouting mission and skill share – to do this we need a small van or car to tour the sites, we have a small budget for fuel.

2) Mid April we have to have a large van to carry the equipment and crew for the full tour. Would be good to fundraise and gather equipment via the wish-list to facilitate this.

3) Spend the summer building up existing and creating new protest sites.

4) Organise a gathering/conference at the end of the summer to decide where next.

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This is space for the core tech team to publish there thoughts on the project, and news about what is happening in activist tech

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