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Where next for alt-power and media at protest sites

Spring is here, as more anti-fracking camps open up the “family” side of the current camp crew will be diluted to allow spaces to be opened up and made more functional and outreach friendly. For me protest camps have 3 core values:

* Direct action against the polluters, to ideally stop it or more practically slow it down, to highlight and bring publicity to the wider civil campaigns. This will directly drive the financial cost of polluting up and the bad publicity will drive down the company involved market share value.

* Its a real opportunity to practically built and sustain parts of the alternative world we would like to see, weather this is in camp process/governances, alternative energy, sanitation and buildings etc. With out these real functioning alternatives the will be nothing to replace the polluting activity with, our arguments will be much thinned by this reality.

* camps at there best are networking and gathering spaces – from this anything could grow – and this is probably the most exciting and useful parts of camp culture.

Am interested in many aspects of this, but will be concentrating my energy on 3 arrears: alt-power, with out it we cant do the second, grassroots media, with out this we have no (R)evolutionary outreach and finally (reluctantly) camp process to open up the spaces so that theses can flourish.

To do this we need resources and funding. We have the possibility of a van and driver for transport.

I am bringing:

2x100w light waite semi-flexible solar panels

Cables and connectors

32w folding solar panel + 7amh battery

2x100w charge controllers

A 110amh leasher battery

2x 12v laptop power supply’s

5M of LED strip lighting

Battery drill

Electric screwdriver

We have a small budgit to get more equipment for media training.

See wish list for what we need, if you have anything you would like to donate add it to this wiki, to donate cash click here.


First communal space up at Barton Moss anti-fracking camp

First communal space up at Barton Moss anti-fracking camp, more to come.

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