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Email to be sent to festival organisers requesting a pitch

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             I am writing on behalf of the tech team (www.activisttech.org) that was established at the Balcombe Fracking protest in 2013. Since then we have been running workshops at fracking protection camps (Daneshill and Upton) and have started doing workshops at festivals.

At the protest sites we were able to run laptops, charge phones, run film projectors, run a small p.a system and light the place with LED's (ect)..... All from the power of the sun. In our workshops we want to show people how we set up such a tech space and explain how to simply and effectively provide electrical infrastructure and how to utilize the power efficiently.

We would therefore like a pitch at your festival to run 1-2 hour workshops demonstrating 1) how to setup and use a simple solar array and how to fabricate and install an LED lighting system and 2) run a smartphone video workshop to show people they have the tool they need in their pockets to be the media.

We aim to present information in a concise, encouraging way using simple non technical language any lay person can comprehend. We are trying to stimulate organic grass roots resistance to counter threats from big business, promote self reliance and sustainablility. Our skills empower and facilitate just that and we want to share our knowledge.Everything we do is followed up on our web page www.activisttech.org.

The only funding we currently have is specifically for anti-fracking camps but we are keen to present our ideas on a much wider scale and so are contacting festival organisers.

We were invited to Frack Free Festival in Radford, Somerset on 3rd May and after the event we felt it went so well we have decided to propose the idea to other event organisers running festivals this year.

Please call so that we can answer any questions you might have.



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