The tech team have a clear consensus, there is an agreement not to resist the eviction and leave within the notice period. We expect this not to be till the drill is removed after which we will move onto the next fracking site

The majority of the camp are staying in the camp the court case will be slow thanks to our pro-bono barrister/s.

Storage Lock-up – Natalie Balcombe

Transport – Marina Pepper is organising transport

Permanent Tech Crew:

Hamish Campbell: organising, 12v infrastructure and solar power, pushing good agenda’s through

Prajna: Internet, websites, PC/Linux technical, networking, driver, handyman.

Max: Pragmatic, organisational capabilities, 12v electrics, audio, solar, heavy lifting, interpersonal skills, computer literate

Kali: Handywoman – build structures, typing/secretarial support, housekeeping.

Sean Peatfield – carpentry, general electrical, general plumbing.


UPDATE: Anna was added to core crew at the first meeting



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