Max's thoughts: Do we set up sites hoping to draw in people, or do we see where people go and support them? I would say the latter.......

Current situation is there is kit now arriving but where to deploy it is now the main question. If anyone has info about potential sites please share info, one way or another. Of course use discretion on public forumns.

If you are on site and need support we want to help, just ask. However small dedicated teams need to be in place to manage infastructure....

MAP: http://frack-off.org.uk/extreme-energy-fullscreen/

This map is goooood, has lots of info like where the companys/investors/plant hire are based  ;)


Hamish's thoughts: Its looking like the skillshare in Manchester https://www.facebook.com/events/163353390530608 then onto the blackpool site to setup - to do this we need to raise money vier our donate buttion to pay for fuel for 3 vehicles, rowens transit for main transport, money towards Seans van, Prajners car+caravan to get up north - this needs to happen ASP.

Have any more options come up?


Looks like this might be happening soon:


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