Whats direct action?

This phrase has been applied to a huge variety of activities, and getting on and doing it is much more important than constantly arguing definitions! Briefly, direct action implies acting yourself, in a way that directly addresses the problem which you're confronting, and without relying on, or seeking approval from, politicians, bureaucrats or other mediators. Therefore, if you see bulldozers ripping apart somewhere you care about, you take direct action when you directly intervene to try and stop them.

Direct action also implies rejection of the procedures and rules of the roadbuilders, and having the initiative to decide for yourself what is right and what needs to be resisted, rather than obeying laws or orders. Although direct action can be seen merely as one tool in any campaigner's tool box, it is also much more than this. It means fighting for control of your own life and to attempt directly to affect the world around you, taking responsibility for your actions on your own terms.

In this guide we describe various direct action techniques, as well as ways to support, or build up to, direct action, and also more "conventional" campaigning methods. We don't see this as a hierarchy, but as a diversity without which a campaign will be one-dimensional, and unlikely to stop the road. Do what's right, do what's effective, and JUST DO IT!

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