Foreword #

The intention of this guide is to suggest advice on building and maintaining a fluid direct action campaign, by sharing experiences learned from British anti-roads campaigns between 1992 and 1996. It contains ideas on building a campaign, dealing with the accelerating pace as contractors arrive, and practical tactics to stop them. Although we're dealing with roads, much of this is, of course, applicable to building resistance and fighting other types of destructive developments. Information on positive actions, such as "Reclaim the Streets" street parties, is also included.

We won't attempt to duplicate any of the several excellent existing guides on fighting road schemes at an earlier stage. We concentrate on the later stages, involving direct action - although getting in early is vital to win! See Chapter 17 for details of the relevant publications.

Although this guide is based entirely on British experience, and much of its content is specific to Britain, we hope that readers in other parts of the world will find things of interest and use in here as well.

The layout is roughly in the order a campaign might proceed, but as some will probably repeat what you already know, we have also tried to incorporate "dip-into-ability", with easily identifiable subject headings.

Please be aware that this book only represents the opinions of a few people. Direct action requires a questioning attitude and means thinking for yourself. We hope that this will at least be a starting point for ideas; don't stop here! Read and use the lists of contacts and resources in Chapters 16 & 17. In the Appendix we have also included examples of documents from previous campaigns, such as "Beat the Bulldozer" pledges, phone trees, and bust cards.

Good luck, and please keep in touch with any constructive feedback.

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