list for a camp with 50 people

250 watt solar

220AH@12v (2 x 6v trojan t-125)

cables - all connected using ring eye terminals to wingnut battery terminals

2 small low power laptops

1 powerfull laptop with video editing capabilities

Dedicated internet phone

Wireless internet system

4 12v universal power supplies

3x good quality multi meters

1 x adapted for high power 3 way ciggarette lighter 12v sockets

3 x 3 way ciggarette lighter socketste

6 x ciggarette lighter to USB adaptors

20 x USB phone cables

         80% micro USB         10% iphone         10% nokia/samsunge

1 x LED projector

1x Stereo 50W

1x LED strip lights

1x gas powerd soldering iron

50M speaker wire (for lighting)

selection of cable ties#

Tables x 2 3'x5'

5x Chairs

2 pallets

8'x12' marquee


Stackable boxs

        - Audio        -lighting        -projector        -powersupply         -terminals/fuses         -fat cables

Lockable space i.e shed caravan


        -screwdrivers         -wire strippers          -insulation tape           -hammer             -nails screws            -hand drill             -plyers              -Saw             -crimps and crimping tool

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