money bank accounts and treasurer

Money, Bank Accounts and Treasurer #

A bank account is essential, both to allow you to process donations, and to avoid people in the campaign having to keep dipping into their own pockets. Set up an account with an ethically aware organisation, for instance the Co-op bank or an independent building society. Have at least two trustworthy signatories who are also not in trouble with outstanding financial court cases or debts.

One of these signatories should take the role of Treasurer. This is a role best suited to someone with book- keeping skills, time to spare, and who is easy to get hold of. The signatories will be the only people who'll have their names directly linked to the campaign and for this reason perhaps they should be people who are unlikely to be involved in arrestable direct action.

Treasurers should never be pressured into handing out cash on demand but should be able to refer demands back to the meeting. Right from the start the Treasurer should keep scrupulous records of income and expenditure so they are accountable to the campaign. However, never keep records or receipts of anything incriminating.

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