points of contact

Points of Contact - Postal Address, Telephone and E-mail #

You must have a postal address, as people will soon want to send you requests for information and donations etc. Consider setting up a Post Office Private Box (PO Box) as soon as possible rather than using a private home address, for security reasons. However the Post Office will disclose the names and addresses to which the PO Box is registered on request. Safer still is the BM Box confidential mail forwarding service, privately provided by British Monomarks (see Chapter 16). A BM Box gives your address complete security - except from the police! A third and easier alternative is to have a "care of" address in a sympathetic local radical bookshop or similar.

A telephone contact point is also essential. In the first instance you may want to use individual private phone lines. Several numbers will share the burden. Alternatively the campaign could pay to have a second line installed in someone's house with an answer machine with a message on it.

If a member of your group has access to a computer and a modem you may wish to set up an e-mail address (See Chapter 4 "the internet" section).

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