If can help with any of these, please do:\\ #

If you can offer any of these items, create an account on the site and press edit and add text under the item thanks.


Car or van with driver for 2 weeks to tour the current sites.


  • Second hand smartphones for internet tethering and CJ video work at each camp.
  • TRANSPORT: either: 4 berth Caravan or box trailer + Transit van with towbar OR 12 seater sherpa minibus - driver optional
  • Portable 12v wind generator (After July - Claire Morris, Power Shift UK)
  • Lots of 4Gb or bigger USB pen drives and portable hard drives for offsite media/legal backup
  • Micro USB to USB cables and general USB phone charging cables (no 240v mains)
  • Catering Equipment
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We will be building a 100W, 12V wind generator in July. More details to follow. Hopefully to be used at Reclaim the Power in August.
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